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Sveston Gorgeous Barbara

Sveston Gorgeous Barbara

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Sveston Gorgeous Barbara

Sveston Gorgeous Barbara (C-SV-9721)

Hello Gorgeous! I am Sveston Resilient Orleans and am designed in Hong Kong. You can order me from all around the globe. I am tougher than the Steel and he knows that, after all I am completely made of Tungsten.

My body looks slim and attractive from outside but I am much stronger from inside, resembling the inner strength of an autonomous woman. Because my whole body is made of Tungsten, and my glass is made of Sapphire, scratches keep away from me as much as flies keep away from smoke. I always shine and my manufacturer guarantees it.

I blend well with your decent and casual attire. The best thing about our union is that both of us are stylish and delicate from inside out, this makes our combination perfect.

We are perfect match from your office, to your best friend’s party, to the casual mood. Don’t forget to take me while meeting your soul-mate, as I would definitely have a decent and good impression.

I love to dive into the waters without absorbing any. My waterproof casing is guaranteed up to a depth of 100 meters. Once I get onto your wrist, you never need to worry about diving into the hotel pool after a busy day at a conference.

I cannot wait to be yours, forever. Just order me and you can get me the next working day.

You cannot get similar quality watches in similar price range ANYWHERE in the market because Sveston is the direct manufacturer and retailer, additionally, Sveston believes in keeping the profit margins to bare minimum and make more sales. Sveston don't compromise on the quality, in fact we are so confident about the quality of our timepieces that we offer 1-year international warranty.

1 Year International Warranty

Every Sveston Timepiece passes through a highly rigorous quality control mechanism where each and every component of the watch is checked for any defects and abnormality. We are very confident about our quality, craftsmanship and materials and so we cover all our watches with a full 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

  • 1 year warranty from the date of purchase
  • Color fade warranty for stainless-steel watches
  • Any defects due to faulty material or workmanship
  • 6 months battery warranty from the date of purchase

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